Repository Information and Administration

Repository information

Update repository name, administrator's email, repository description or namespace identifier.

Repository name (required): ARACNE
Repository administrator's e-mail (required): contacto@red-aracne.es
Repository description (optional): Repositorio de las bibliotecas de la Red Aracne
Repository namespace identifier (optional): es.red-aracne
Repository base URL (non-editable): http://joai.red-aracne.es/provider

Access to the data provider

Access to the data provider is currently ENABLED. Metadata files are available for harvesting.

Prevent all metadata files in the repository from being harvested.

OAI response length

The following values define the maximum length of the data provider's response to the OAI ListRecords and ListIdentifiers requests. Reduce the length of these responses if a large number of sets have been defined (which requires more processing), system memory is limited or if metadata files are large. Smaller numbers mean that harvesters must make more requests to harvest the entire metadata repository. Larger numbers mean fewer requests are necessary but require greater system resources by both the data provider and the harvester.

   Change the number of returns in the ListRecords and ListIdentifiers responses.

OAI Request
Response Length
300 records
300 identifiers

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